After-sales article

                Pre-sales service commitment

                1, to provide professional advice. Technical answer your questions within 2 hours.

                2, to provide design direction. Within 4 hours we will recommend you the latest fashion colors and pop elements.

                3, to provide a reasonable offer. Within 2 hours to provide you with reasonable pricing and delivery time.

                4, to provide inspection reception. Reception your visit at any time, and try to provide all kinds of facilities for your tour.


                Sales service commitment

                1. The use of a unified national "contract for the sale of textile" with your contract and confidentiality agreement.

                2, consciously abide by the provisions of contract law, to ensure the successful fulfillment of contracts and confidentiality agreements.

                3, the first timing design and prenatal samples confirmed to the customer, the customer promptly arrange the required test report.

                4, according to the amount of time trying to provide you with quality products, and the use of the best mode of transport to ensure that you receive the goods intact.

                5, regardless of the size of the contract, all customers in terms of prices and services is fair.

                Service commitment

                1. build customer profiles, and provide customized services and data archiving (draft design, color cards and large sample) according to customer requirements.

                2. The product has quality problems, we immediately notified by telephone, free exchange with the contract according to the contract.

                3, we guarantee that telephone guidance within 60 minutes to give you guidance and crop storage areas.

                CONTACT US

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                Tel: +86-591-28615353


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