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                【Mood Diary】

                China's textile manufacturing industry has turned a new page in 2010, with expectations and excitement, flying to the Lizhiying lace production base in Changle, Fujian Province, the factory neatly discharged a number of Carls imported from Germany. Meyer lace production equipment, people's concept of the "thick and stupid" image of lace will never return, China's lace manufacturing and quality level has since boarded the world's leading stage.
                Once upon a time, China's manufacturing industry, which occupies the position of the world's processing plant, has always been the representative of "low quality" in the eyes of the world, especially the lace products used in the textile industry, whose typical image is thick and stupid. For decades, the industry has continued the state of small workshops and handmade production. Unstable quality and lack of product innovation are the main characteristics of the domestic lace industry, and the biggest concern of users is unstable quality. Buying lace products is like a devout incense worshipper drawing lots in the temple, not knowing whether the lace sent to the garment factory is a disaster or a blessing, and in a sense, it is resigned to fate.

                At the beginning of this century, Lizhiying Lace took the lead in introducing expensive German equipment in equipment manufacturing, which greatly improved the quality of domestic lace, and also gave users confidence and assurance of quality stability. We have not received any complaints from customers about quality of Lizhiying lace for many years. Truly realized "no after-sales service is the best after-sales service", and reached the first-class level in quality and innovation in China.
                In order to achieve the level of synchronous development with the international lace industry, the company introduced a number of special machines from Germany in the second half of last year, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development of raw materials and patterns, committed to developing trend-setting lace varieties, especially for the French Levi's products, to achieve personalized mass production and fill the gap in China.
                In terms of lace products, from a piece of yarn to the entire manufacturing process, the original German equipment is used to complete, completely getting rid of the current manufacturing process of relying on domestic equipment and manual mixing operation. The well-known Taiwan expert MR.LIU is hired as the company's equipment consultant, and the company adopts micro innovation of equipment and bold use of various special raw materials. We joined hands with well-known universities in China, hired STEVEN, a postdoctoral fellow of the design Department of the University of Milan, as a design consultant, and developed a large number of design sketches. The design and technology of Lizhiying lace have undergone milestone changes. The introduction of ISO90001 management system, the whole process of EPR management software, to achieve fine management, big data analysis, accurate positioning of popular trends, the development of a large number of high-end customized products.

                In the future, Lizhiying Lace will focus on environmental protection, carry out further innovation in raw materials, develop 100% natural materials, so that domestic lace products not only synchronize with the international advanced level in quality and design, but also lead international peers in environmental protection.
                Lizhiying Lace has been able to develop new products in the past year, basically have spot inventory, which itself shows that the company's capital and sales situation is good, dare to do inventory. At present, there is almost no strength to do inventory in the lace industry. At the same time, Lizhiying lace is good at personalized customization, creating unique lace for customers, reflecting high-end value. In the past five years, stable sales have increased by 20%, and basically no quality complaints have been achieved for three consecutive years. Strength, this is the strength of the benchmark enterprise in the lace industry!


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