Summarize the company's main development stages:
                        First, 2000-2006 The initial and accumulation phases:
                        In Jul 2000, We set up Fuzhou Jinan District Lizhiying Knitting process workshop ---prodecessor of Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd. Starting from RMB 200,000 , With rule of "customer first, keep moving", relying on quality and reputation to survive,our company engaged in lace fabric processing business. We complete the original accumulation, laid the foundation for the development of Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd .
                        ● July 2000, Fuzhou Jinan District Lizhiying Knitting process workshop was established , prodecessor of Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd
                        ● Jan 2005  Fuzhou Jinan District Lizhiying Knitting process workshop is divided into 2 workshops formally . Workshop one for fashion lace producing, and Work shop 2 for wedding lace producing.

                        Second, 2 006 - 2010 Targeted development stage
                        In year of 2006, Changle Lizhiying Knitting Co., Ltd. was built up .We import Germany Karl Mayer advanced equipments and technology, terminate processing orders business. Taking advantages of the integrity and reputation we win in lace fabric field, company develop and grow, setting the development direction on lady fashion lace and wedding lace. In 2009 ,company title changed to Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co., Ltd, opened a new chapter in targeted development stage.
                        ● Nov 2006 , Changle Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd was approved to establish by local government .
                        ● Jan 2007, focus on product . Lizhiying sort out supplier channels and start to fully cooperate with Meida shares (stock code: 000782) in all aspects .Lizhiying confirm development direction on lady fashion fabric and wedding fabric from every production process , taking advantage of advanced equipmentand technology, comprehensively improving product quality 
                        ● Mar 2007 ,conqure market obstacle, We develop market in Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou ,ect., beginning to cooperate with large, medium and small garment factory, wholesaler, traders.
                        ● May 2008, millions of capital is ratified by major financial institutions with good credit rating of Lizhiying.  Since then, We large scale purchase on German Karl Mayer machines to make up for the shortcomings of the machine category, to achieve no dead end on hardware.
                        ● Oct 2008,to overcome talent shortage ,We extensively cooperation with Jiangnan University, signed agreement on staff training and talented person transport protocols.At the same times, Jiangnan University  send teachers and technical research staff to provide full rang of technical guidance in long-term .
                        ● Jan 2009 ,Yongyou ERP Management software and Germany EAT design software are both introduced to improve company overal software strength.
                        ● Jun 2009, Changle Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd change to name of Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd
                        ● Oct 2010,’Lizhiying’ trademark registration was successful.

                        Third, 2011-2014 company scale expanding stage
                        Since January 2011, Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd adopted cooperation and self-management form with four branches. With its capital, products and technology as its bond, Lizhiying entered the overseas market, tried to cooperate with fashion brands in domestic and overseas markets, and embarked on the road of large-scale development. The scale of the company has grown rapidly.
                        ● Jan 2011, Guangzhou Lizhiying Branch, Dongguan Lizhiying Branch ,Xiamen Shuna Garment Co.,ltd.,Shaoxing Lizhiying Branch are began to establish .Hereafter, our cooperation with the domestic Top brand and middle brand garment brands are beginning .
                        ● Feb 2013, We start to develop overseas markets , constantly participating Paris Texworld, New York Texworld and going to exhibition held in Tokyo, Russia , Germany, Turkey ,etc.
                        ● Since Sep 2014, Our patterns are exhibited in trend area of Paris texworld in every participation.
                        ● Dec 2014 , Our company is awarded as ‘Excellent Fabric Supplier’by Shanghai Intertextile.

                        Fourth, the 2015 -2016 strategic adjustment and innovation stage
                        Jan 2015, Based on customers and original pattern accumulation into a certain extent, Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd adjusts business strategy and decides to stop run 4 branches after careful consideration on the impact they bring to company brand image .We put forward ‘ non-normal service ",meantimes, We speed up steps on the original patterns development ,with the superiority resources China Academy of Arts. After stategic adjustment , the number of original artwork and maturity has undergone enormous changes.
                        ● Jan 2015 , We gradually terminated cooperation and business with 4 branches.
                        ● Feb 2015, We proposed a service of ‘Non-normal service" to our customers
                        ● March 2015, In addition to maintaining partnership Jiangnan University, we gradually begin to cooperate with China Academy of Arts by signing training agreements and original development agreement.
                        ● Sep 2015, We get award ‘FABRICS CHINA EXCELLENT PRODUCT’
                        ● Feb 2016 We get a large quantity of copyrights certificate issued by Fujian Province Copyright Office.
                        ● Jun 2016, Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd obtained ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate issued by Shanghai Ingeer Certification Assessment Service Co.,Ltd to further enhance product quality management and control ability.
                        ● September 2016 , We win a large number of appearance patent certificates issued by the National Patent Office.

                        V. From year of 2017 Till now --- The stage of Maturity and stability
                        January 2017, Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co.,ltd  insist on the "abnormal service" in long term, develop original design. With turning point of having intellectual property protection, We keep foothold domestic lace market and expand overseas business to offer excellent products and services to customers at home and abroad , Hereafter, company gradually entered the stage of maturity and stability.
                        ● Mar 2017 We own 6 patent certificates issued by National Patent Office.
                        ● May 2017,we conduct an overall upgrading and updating Yongyou ERP Management Software
                        ● Feb 2018, we are awarded ‘FABRICS CHINA EXCELLENT PRODUCT’
                        ● Sep 2018, we win again the award ‘FABRICS CHINA EXCELLENT PRODUCT’

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