From the moment of its founding, Lizhiying Lace has been infused with the brand concept of "Lizhilife, Yingzhiwisdom", and takes "wearing a woman's style" as a cause to complete. The actual users of Lizhiying Lace at home and abroad have reached thousands. In 2013, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity as the soul, Heaven rewards the diligent". The brand building and after-sales service of Lizhiying lace are closely related to the market, so as to achieve personalized and professional customization to meet different needs, which has been unanimously recognized by the market. In the second half of 2013, many shanzhai versions of Lizhiying lace appeared in Changle, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Facing such a complex market environment, Mr. Xie Ying, the general manager of the company (and the special consultant of Karl Meyer) and three people returned to the factory, analyzed countermeasures, and formulated the basic program of "abnormal after-sales service, abnormal period sealing plate" brand construction, so that all customers using Lizhiying lace can enjoy the protection of intellectual property rights and avoid worries.
                【 Overview of Li Zhiying 】
                Fujian Lizhiying Knitting Co., LTD., a benchmark enterprise in the lace manufacturing industry, focuses on establishing long-term partnership with branded clothing merchants and traders. We have dedicated staff and strong research and development capabilities, quickly respond to customer needs, provide personalized customized services to help customers succeed in business. Lizhiying Knitting focuses on the configuration of German high-end production equipment, has a number of patents and award certificates, from raw materials, environmental protection, design and weaving efforts, to bring customers fashion and quality solutions. Fast and stylish innovation ability, stable quality and abnormal after-sales service let us win the respect of the market and peers.

                【 Lizhiying lace fabric features 】
                Lace is the preferred fabric for fashion women's wear, and Lizhiying Lace is a benchmark enterprise in the lace manufacturing industry
                Lizhiying lace quality assurance, environmental protection and non-toxic, no customer quality complaints for three consecutive years
                Lizhiying lace has excellent material selection, novel pattern design and unique personalized customization, which makes you different and helps you seize the market opportunity

                【 Advantages of Lizhiying lace fabric 】
                1, Lizhiying lace fabric design and development experience for many years, to provide you with international fashion elements. Lizhiying lace fabric and domestic universities hand in hand, hired the University of Milan design postdoc steven as a consultant, to provide you with fashion solutions.
                2, Lizhiying lace fabric provides personalized customization services, according to different customer needs, regularly launch a variety of lace design solutions, enjoy intellectual property protection.
                3, Lizhiying lace fabric selection is excellent, pay attention to environmental protection and ecology.
                4. Advanced German imported equipment escorts the quality of Lizhiying lace fabric products.
                5, Lizhiying lace fabric quality is stable, after the test and the test of time.
                6, Lizhiying lace fabric dedicated staff team to create abnormal after-sales service for you.

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